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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is an enabling technology that improves a company’s processes and products, while lowering costs and improving productivity. PLM also establishes a Sustainable Innovation platform to ensure you consistently have the best ideas and products. 

With Teamcenter, you’ll see dramatic improvements in productivity, teamwork, control and success.
Teamcenter solutions enable your company to meet today’s critical business challenges. Whether your goal is greater product innovation, faster time-to-market, regulatory compliance, resource optimization, global collaboration, or all of the above, Teamcenter has the right solution for you.

Advanced research tools within Goldfire make it easy to tap into knowledge from hundreds of document types, numerous enterprise applications, technical and deep web sites, and worldwide patent literature, transforming it into actionable intelligence to fuel innovation activities. Ideas can be quickly validated and prioritized speeding time to the optimal solution.
Teamcenter and Goldfire solutions include best practices and standards-based processes for fast deployment and a quick return on your PLM investment. Daystrom Technologies, Inc. is a Siemens PLM Software Solutions Partner and a Invention Machine VAR. We sell and support Teamcenter and Goldfire.